About Us

Welcome to the site! As an introduction, we would like to present to you the conception and a brief background about Otakultura!

Otakultura! is a Japanese and Western pop culture website made by otakus, for otakus. It’s a free venture, done in our own spare time.

Otakultura! is a site meant for the casual and hardcore otaku alike. It’s the love of our hobby that fueled the fruition of this humble place. It started off as merely sharing news and tidbits among friends through different communication channels. It was last September 2009 that the idea of coming up with a blog filled with the juicy goodness of Japanese culture (and probably a bit of the Western influences too). With the desire to share information to everyone aside from just a limited circle of friends, Otakultura began its run in Tumblr (http://otakultura.tumblr.com). The Tumblr version ran its course up until early 1st quarter of the following year.

Eventually, Otakultura transferred to a new host and got its current domain. The original layout had a very basic template, meant to look like a start-up blog.

More than 2 years, 3 site layout versions, and hundreds of posts later, Otakultura remains strong and supportive of the otaku culture both in the Philippines and abroad.


But what’s in a name?

The blog had to have a unique name, yet still easy to remember. Ideas were thrown here and there, until we came up with the very word that best describes our hobby and passion. Being otakus and living in the passionate world of the otakus, it simply was a brewing culture in itself. To put it quite simply, Otakultura is a portmanteau of the words “otaku” and “kultura,” a Filipino / Spanish translation for the word “Culture.”


Our first mascot!


We felt compelled to add in a mascot to represent the blog. During our stay in the Tumblr domain, Otakultura was best represented by Chamo, the ermine from Mahou Sensei Negima. His perversion and chain-smoking addiction mirrors our undue perseverance over Japanese pop culture. But don’t get us wrong! We’re not a bunch of chain-smoking, pervy guys! To put it simply, the ermine was just too cute to pass up as a mascot.


Otakusatsu and the first image banner for the site

Alas, Chamo was replaced to prevent any future legal issues. A tokusatsu-inspired masked chibi named Otakusatsu began to symbolize the site, harmoniously synonymous with the burning passion of pursuing this long-time hobby. The new mascot was based from Kamen Rider W’s bichromatic motif. The colors of the Philippine flag were used in its place. Though a bit unique, we decided to change Otakusatsu to avoid harsh criticisms about the flag’s bastardization.



Andoy Benefits

Then came our latest mascot, Andoy Benefits. The team decided to create a character that’s very much Filipino, yet still carries a look that represents enthusiasm for J-pop culture. Colocoy, the team’s lead artist, created a “chibi” representation of a Katipunero, donning a humble kamisa de chino, red scarf, red pants, and a salakot; which symbolized the teams humble Pinoy roots. The “itak,” a machete-like weapon, represents the team’s spirit, ready and able to chop out all obstacles. The mascot’s face represents the our interest and enthusiasm for what Otakultura caters to: J-pop culture.

…as for the name, it’s an inside joke between the team. There goes your symbolism out the window.


In a nutshell

Otakultura is our hobby of sharing our hobbies. Yes, it does sound confusing, but put it this way: we inform you and everyone else interested about the things we love the most. It’s your daily dose of both Japanese and Western hobby scene, particularly anime, manga, games, technology, Japanese culture and everything in between. We try our best to cater all interests relevant to this spectrum.

And without further ado, I say once again: Welcome to Otakultura!


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