Amore a Venezia – A Valentine’s Day To Remember?

Feb 17, 2013


Hello, everyone! Attending Amore de Venezia was a very wonderful experience. The event was held at The Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill, Taguig City last February 16, 2013. This cosplay event promised attendees a lot of things like meeting and greeting local and international cosplayers, free chocolate, a sword fight, and even an evening ball. I was personally very excited to attend this event because of the activities, and I had a lot of friends attending as well. I also heard the organizers wanted to make this event as good as CNPH’s Fantasy Quest. The event started at around 2 p.m., but the sun was so hot that afternoon that I decided to arrive late at around 4 p.m.

When I got to the event area of the Piazza, I saw all of the cosplayers and attendees outside the event tent which looked smaller than I expected. As soon as I spotted one of my friends, I asked what was going on. My friend told me that the event hasn’t even started yet, and they haven’t even deposited their stuff at the baggage counter that was still being set up. I was surprised that the event was this delayed, and the attendees of the event were standing outside and having photoshoots. Eventually, the baggage counter was set up, but it was obvious that there was a lack of preparation in making it because they lacked number stubs for the baggage. It was good that they were able to improvise later on. After depositing our baggage, we ate at a nearby restaurant first to kill some time and eat dinner.


I think it was at around 6 p.m. when the event finally started, and the organizers started to let people in. The event started off with a few intermission numbers, and there was a Lolita fashion show. Then, the host announced that the meet and greet for the international guests was starting at a separate tent in the venue.

There was a bit of confusion at first because most attendees didn’t know where to line up, and the line was a bit disorganized. The lack of marshals at the event was a great weakness. My friend who was in charge of the baggage counter told me there were only seven marshals for the event. Five minutes were given for groups of five people that entered the guests’ tent to meet and greet them. It was a great experience to meet Viospace, Yolkler, ZEASonal, and Reiko in person. I got their coscards, and they were really nice and friendly people. Also, our local cosplayer guests were Denggoy Isidoro, Lunaru and Kai of Team Verdana, Dom and Marko of Adventure Team, Averia Farron, and Jayson Castillo.


Later, there were a few more intermission numbers and dead air. We were told the sword fight would start at around 8 p.m., but it also got delayed. I think the meet and greet took up most of the attendees away from the main tent, where there really wasn’t much going on aside from the presence of the booths, the free snacks with the chocolate fountain, and free milk tea samples from Moonleaf. As I passed the time with my friends waiting for what would happen next, I played with the scooter thing you can ride at the Piazza, and there was this cute stray cat that took a liking to me, so I played with it for almost half an hour. (No, I’m serious. There really was a cat there.)

Another thing I liked about the event was how accommodating some of the marshals were to the holders of the VIP tickets. They kept asking us if we needed anything, so it was good. To kill some more time, my friends and I talked about our opinions of the event. Some thought the event tent was a bit too cramped, but some thought the ticket price wasn’t worth the event given the delays.

Eventually, it was time for the panel for both local and international guests. It was an entertaining segment, and I really liked their answers for the questions. The host peeved me a bit when he kept using the word “cosplay industry” because it makes cosplay here look like a business. He could have used the word “cosplay community” instead. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the panel, and the sword fight started after it.


The sword fight was interesting, but it was getting late, and majority of the attendees have already gone home. Few people were actually able to watch it, but I really enjoyed watching the sword fight. In the end, my friend Franco Aguinot became champion. Congratulations, Franco! However, since it was really late, the evening ball did not push through at all. It was a bit disappointing, but I still had fun.


Overall, Amore a Venezia had its advantages and disadvantages. While the event suffered from time management issues and the lack of marshals, this was one of the better cosplay events for me. Hopefully, the organizers learn from the mistakes they’ve made here in order to make a better event next year. Finally, I’d like to thank the organizers of Amore a Venezia for doing their best in making this event possible.

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  1. was there really a karaoke contest? or were those intermission numbers? aahahah

  2. randomme /

    i agree about how accommodating the marshals are. And the guest cosplayers are friendly too!

  3. unfortunately it was a waste of money and time. walang wine, walang chocolate, boring!

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