Amped Philippines Bids Farewell

Apr 5, 2013


A few days ago, Amped Philippines, ABS-CBN’s MMO game publishing company, announced their impending departure from the game publishing business.

The company cited “unfavorable business conditions” as the primary result of their closure. The press release goes on to thank the loyal players who’ve stayed with them in the past decade.
Amped’s servers will officially shut down on May 31, 2013. Their games include their titular Get Amped 2, WarRock, Cosmic Break, and Shaiya. Also included in their game portfolio is the now-defunct Tantra Online. Prior to the company’s closure, Amped will be lining up a few in-game events as their going-away party. But it looks like Amped won’t be closing down the Amped Pins exchange until the last minute. No announcement has been made regarding the stoppage of Amped load-to-credit exchange.

Amped Philippines is one of the country’s game publishers that rarely get the limelight. If anyone recalls, their first competitive foray into the MMO scene was through Tantra, which was heavily advertised in ABS-CBN channels. The defunct game was the local TV network’s answer to LevelUp! Games’s booming Ragnarok Online business, which came a year before. Amped’s flagship game, Get Amped, was an alternative attempt to casual MMO gaming, but did not pick up as expected. Get Amped’s numbers dwindled further when the sequel, Get Amped 2, was launched. At some point in time, both Amped games were open, dividing the already-small population of the Get Amped enthusiasts, and thus prompted the closure of the Amped 1. As the years go by, Tantra was deemed outdated. The company proceeded to acquire Shaiya, WarRock, and only recently, Cosmic Break. Suffice to say, Amped only survived through meager earnings, and sometimes just pure tablescraps.

To everyone else, Amped Philippines did not exist. To the veterans, it was safe to assume that the company died down with Tantra and Get Amped. And to be honest, their announcement did not even have any sort of impact.

Goodbye Amped Philippines. We never even got to know you.


The press release was issued last April 2, 2013, and is quoted below:

Since 2004, skills were tested in a never-ending series of online bouts between Kapamilya gamers all over the country. Online gamers represented either the Alliance of Light or the Union of Fury of Shaiya; N.I.U. or Derbaran military factions of WarRock; the tribes of Tantra; and of course, the chibi toons of Get Amped and other Amped casual games.

Some rivalries were fierce. But no matter how serious the competition became, we all had fun. In fact, we had a blast!

While in the process, friendships, both ingame and IRL were made. We enjoyed all the adventures that we had and the memories that we shared. But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

It brings us great sadness to announce this to you all.

Despite ABS-CBN Multimedia’s effort to continue to give players the privilege of playing good online games, we have decided to cease online game operations due to unfavorable business conditions. As of May 31, 2013, all Amped services will be terminated.

The Amped Team offers its heartfelt thanks for sticking with us for almost ten years.

As our way of giving back to our valued community, we will publish a schedule that will include a list of game events, leading up to the termination of service on May 31, 2013, 11:59 pm.

Amped Philippines website

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  1. orin /

    naalala ko non nagppromote pa sila sa mga schools, pumunta sila sa school namin tapos may libre laro ng Tantra. year 2005 ata yon. :)

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