Fatal Frame Manga Gets English Release

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DeNA’s Manga Box application for smartphones and tablets included the manga Fatal Frame: Shadow Priestess on Tuesday. The manga is written by Seimaru Amagi author of Kindaichi Case Files and Detective School Q. … (Continue...

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HG versions of Gundams from G no Reconguista Revealed

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Upcoming anime, Gundam: G no Reconguista, is getting the Gunpla treatment with the early reveal of four kits slated for release this year. The… (Continue...

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Doraemon’s 2015 Movie is “Nobita no Uchu Eikyu-Ki”

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Trailer for the 36th Doraemon movie is now up on the official Doraemon movie Youtube channel. And it’s called: “Doraemon: Nobita no Space Heroes Uchū… (Continue...

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Tekken 7 Teaser Trailer now Up

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EVO 2014 attendees had the privilege of watching the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Tekken 7. The video centers around Kazumi Mishima, Kazuya’s mother… (Continue...

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Marvel Comics Shake-ups: New Thor, Shiny Iron Man, and Captain Falco-merica

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The franchise reboot, Marvel NOW!, is reaching its 2nd year anniversary, and with the Marvel Cinematic Universe slowly nearing its Phase 2 culmination, there’s no… (Continue...

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Is heidi. the Latest Guest for Best of Anime 2014?

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We’re not totally officially sure of this. But a fellow reader of Otakultura pointed this out just by matching the teaser image from Best of… (Continue...

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Video: Batman Just Being Metal

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Batman’s so f**king metal, he made a rocking metal music video about himself, his crotch, and his ass. …Oh, and stuff about being Batman… (Continue Reading)...

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Retrospective: Happy 14th Birthday, Final Fantasy IX!

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Let me be honest here, Final Fantasy IX (FF9) isn’t my favorite Final Fantasy game (it’s Final Fantasy VIII, for the record). But still, FF9… (Continue...

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Editor’s Note: Face It, There Are Ingrateful and Unreasonably Insatiable Gamers

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Maybe I’ve got rose-tinted glasses on, or maybe I’m just deliberately avoiding it, but it’s an inevitable fact of gaming life. Some, if not… (Continue...

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Photo Set: Crazy Catherine Coincidence in Tomodachi Life?!

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We’ve just unearthed this in… (Continue...

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