BLush: From a Straight Guy’s Perspective

Jan 5, 2013

As Otakultura’s pet uke, I was tasked to attend a yaoi convention called BLush last December 9, 2012. For you fellow gentlemen out there, “BL” means “Boys’ Love.” I’ll leave that to your imagination. Anyway, this event was held at the Events Pavilion at 500 Shaw Zentrum in Mandaluyong City. I didn’t really know what to expect from a yaoi con, but numerous pleas from my fujoshi friends pressured me to go. Also, I was kinda curious what happens in a yaoi con.

Having been with many fujoshi friends for a while, I’ve grown quite tolerable to yaoi, but most of the fujoshi I’ve met there were quite surprised why I straight guy like me would go into a convention full of BL.

When I got to the event, the line was pretty long. I wasn’t really sure what was taking so long, but they could’ve at least set a separate lane for those who had pre-order passes. The convention hall was sparsely populated for almost two hours because all of the attendees were still in line. Nevertheless, I was eventually able to get in to help my friends with their booth.

BLush is a fujoshi’s (or fudanshi’s) paradise. Several booths were selling BL doujins and other kinds of merchandise, and there was a BL library in one corner of the con. My friends brought me to the BL library because all of the doujins were in Japanese, so I read some to them, and hilarity ensued. There were many cosplayers at the event, too. Characters from Gravitation, DRRR!!!, and Kuroko no Basuke were portrayed excellently by the cosplayers. And thus, every fujoshi had her shippy moment.

One thing I missed was the Butler Cafe. I wasn’t sure what time my friends were attending, but it turned out they got the 3:30 slot, and I got the 2:50 slot. I asked the secretariat if there were any available slots for 3:30 so I could join my friends, but they told me I could only go to the 5:00 slot, and I couldn’t go at 5 because I had to go home by 5. I didn’t want to go to the butler cafe alone without anyone I knew, so I ultimately didn’t go. Later, when my friends came back from their cafe service, they told me there were still some vacant seats at their table that I could’ve occupied because the other attendees during their service were no-shows. This was my biggest disappointment, and it felt like I didn’t get enough value for my ticket. Nevertheless, my friends told me the butler cafe service was really great.

There were also several interesting panel discussions about BL that lasted throughout the whole afternoon. I heard the pairs cosplay competition only had three couples who participated because many of the attendees had already gone home by the time it started.

The event isn’t for those easily offended by sub-cultures that enjoy seeing a different form of expressing sexuality and love. However, Blush Con makes its mark in the Philippines as the premiere go-to event for yaoi fans.

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  1. Whoever you are. . ♥O♥ I’m already falling in-love
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