Breaking: Accel World x Sword Art Online Crossover?!

Sep 25, 2012

So is there truth to this alleged crossover between two of the greatest anime series this year? Well… don’t get your hopes up that much. The answer’s partly a “yes” and a “no.”

Scheduled for next year, February 17, 2013, there will be a special live event featuring Accel World and Sword Art Online. The cast and musicians involved in both anime series will make an appearance. This will be an offline stage event (meaning no live stream from Nico Nico or elsewhere), wherein the cast takes centerstage for a talk show, live seiyuu dubbing performances, and song & dance numbers. LiSa and Altima (both responsible for the theme songs of AW and SAO) are confirmed to perform in the said event.

Though not really a crossover anime episode, attendees can expect to hear unique scripts setting up some sort of plot to deal with the audience’s AW x SAO crossover demand.

RUMOR-CHAN ALERT: Aside from the crossover event, rumors have been floating around the Japanese intarwebs that there might be a crossover adaptation of the VERSUS chapter found in Accel World volume 10! Another rumor is that the live event will also set the stage for a second season announcement for both AW and SAO. Take these rumors with a grain of salt please!

For more details on the live event, visit the official site.


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  1. The Mistress /

    Seriously? Necro-ing a news article this old? Check the date before reacting. This one’s waaay past its worth in news.

    • nekogami /

      is it possible that yui and kuroyukihime is the same person.. it’s not a proven fact but my basis was on the newly released GGO??? because of the reality and virtual differences that asuna was thinking and kirito said the amount of information is the only difference… so i think that kuroyukihime has a part of her that belongs to the virtual part of yui… it’s just a random guess

  2. No. You say that it’s rumors but you can’t even get you sources right… Which means that this might as well just be your personal speculations…

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