Breaking News: Level Up! Games Announces “Assault Fire”

Nov 4, 2012

Level Up! Games is on a roll this year. After announcing Eligium and Brawl Busters PH earlier this year, GM Tristan took to the stage on the second day of Level up! Live Domination 2012 to announce another addition to their game lineup.


Dubbed ASSAULT FIRE, this new game to be published by PlayWeb Games under the Level Up! banner will be released next year (2013). No definite date has been announced. GM Tristan stated that the game will “still undergo testing.”


Assault Fire is an MMOFPS game that combines both infantry and mecha units in large, instanced battlegrounds. The game does not focus entirely on PvP, but also has PvE elements in it too. The game originated from China, and was developed by Tencent Games. Assault Fire uses the Unreal Engine 3 as its graphics engine.


Assault Fire was originally revealed by Tencent as “T-Game,” revealed worldwide last April 2011. This is the first self-developed MMOFPS game from Tencent. In an interview with MMO website, MMOCulture, the T-Game producer reveals that the focus of the game favors the PvE elements more than PvP. However, the PvP modes will not be overlooked, as there will be multiple modes for the players to choose from. PvE dungeons will be large-scale and instanced, with highly-aggressive monsters roaming around the land.


Play modes in Assault Fire include: Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Free Kill, Sniper Wars, Mecha Wars, Tank Wars, and Cyborg Wars. The latter three modes will grant one team the use of mechs, tanks, and cyborgs respectively.




Check this space for updates as the story develops.
External Links
Level Up! Games website
T-Game Official Website (Chinese)

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