BREAKING NEWS: Robbery Shootout in SM Megamall During Otaku Expo Day 1

Jan 26, 2013

We’ve got breaking news, and not of the good kind.

We’ve got CONFIRMED reports of a robbery shootout inside the SM Megamall premises.
At around 7:30pm, January 26 GMT+8, mall customers were shocked and surprised to hear gunshots resounding the walls of the department store of SM Megamall. This prompted the customers and the employees to evacuate the premises through the guidance of the security guards. Our Otakultura team was on site at the ground floor when the events happened. After seeing the people storm out of the mall premises, the team followed suit and has waited outside of the mall since then.

Currently, no one is allowed to re-enter the mall premises. The local police and SWAT Teams have already stormed the said mall, and is still apprehending the suspects supposedly hiding inside the premises. Outside, security guards have already been ordered to cordon off people from entering the premises, and have already loaded their shotguns just in case the apprehension spills over outside. The mall area has not been declared safe as of this writing.

We have yet to hear from Otaku Expo attendees regarding the matter.

To all attendees, friends, families, and everyone else in Otaku Expo and SM Megamall, PLEASE STAY SAFE. EXERCISE CAUTION. AND COOPERATE WITH THE AUTHORITIES TO PREVENT COMPLICATIONS.

UPDATE: GMA NEWS has posted this update regarding the shootout:

BREAKING: As of 7:40 PM, a hold-up incident was reported inside SM Megamall. Members of “Martilyo Gang” are allegedly behind the shootout in SM Megamall, says Mandaluyong police.
Source inside SM Megamall says he heard 5 gunshots, shoppers ran towards Julia Vargas. Traffic heavy in the area. No one was hurt in alleged robbery, according to Mandaluyong police.

UPDATE 2: DZMM reports that the target shop was located in the Department Store.

UPDATE 3: We are getting uncofirmed rumors that the suspects were wearing costumes?! This according to DZMM Twitter

UPDATE 3: Mayor Benhur Abalos tells DZMM listeners not to worry, and that the situation is already under control.

UPDATE 4: No suspect has been apprehended, according to DZMM. The suspects were last spotted in the 4th floor of the mall premises. The jewelry store targeted was FNC Jewelry Store, located in Building B of SM Megamall.

UPDATE 5: Currently, only Building B is cordoned off to the general public. Building A is business as usual.

UNCONFIRMED: There have been unconfirmed reports that the suspects have already escaped apprehension by exiting the mall premises via 3rd floor parking.

UPDATE 6: Store operations have resumed in Mega B of SM Megamall as of 9:00pm. Some stores have already closed up shop. The only area cordoned off by the police and security is the affected area. Mall goers have now been allowed re-entry into the building. All cars leaving the premises are being thoroughly checked before leaving the mall premises

UPDATE 7: According to DZMM, the alleged robbers were NOT IN COSTUME, but wearing white polo/shirt. The hammer used in the robber was left in the crime scene, and was purchased from Megamall’s Ace Hardware. Authorities are now checking the CCTV footage for more info. ANC also confirms this via an interview with C/Supt Miguel Laurel. The suspects were wearing plain shirt and denim pants, no masks. One of the suspects was wounded due to the breaking of the glass cases. The wounded suspect immediately fled the scene. Allegedly, the suspects were able to blend with the customers fleeing the Megamall premises, by going to the parking area from the lower ground floor.

Cosplay veterans Gerard Sison and Tim Villasor from Justice PH were the “Batman” and “Superman” cosplayers being mentioned previously by @YahooPH.
Gerard Sison, via a colleague, said this statement: “Careless tweeters trying to link us to robbery Tsk tsk. Be responsible social mediums please.”
In this Instagram post by Tim Villasor (to which we can also find Sir Gerard Sison’s statement): Batman and Superman even helped quell and calm down the evacuees outside Megamall.

UPDATE 9: Otaku Expo Day 2 is cancelled, according to a post by Onegai Oniichan Figure Shop.

Hi everyone. Due to the shooting incident earlier at Megamall, day 2 of Otaku Expo is cancelled (official news from the organizers). We are all safe. Thank you for the concern and support. For those with meetups with us tomorrow, they will be rescheduled to another time. We’re sorry for this very unexpected development. Keep safe everyone.

We will resume regular operations tomorrow (new items, page updates, etc.), except for meetups.

– Onii-chan


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  1. Unknown guy /

    Well, buti nakauwi ako ng maaga. but still I’m pretty scared about what happened. tsk nakakabahala. I won’t let this event to be ruined! good luck sa management ng mall kung paano tayo maging mas safe at di na maulit itong incident. For sure they’ll regret this.

  2. guys .. the suspects are not wearing a costume .
    wat the ?!! te otaku expo day 2 is canceled ? really ?
    im just planning to attend the day 2 omg .T.T
    dat tinuloy.nlang nla tutal nmn wulang knlaman un event s
    s nangyari T.T

  3. so based sa nangyari na ito sa megamall today? confirmed na ba na cancelled yung expo for day 2? sana lahat ng fellow cosplayers koh ay safe.. take care everyone..

  4. Livez Einzweil /

    Well no one should blamed the cosplayers here, its the mall’s fault for having a crappy security, it wouldn’t hurt to inspect more strictly, and besides its already confirmed that the suspects weren’t cosplayers darn it!

    Well in any case here is my question is the event cancelled tomorrow or not?

  5. Opinion lang, sa tingin ko, unang-una, kahit pa nag-cosplay man yung suspects, HINDI ito isisisi (at hindi naman talaga DAPAT isisi) sa cosplay community dahil kasalanan ‘to ng Megamall in the first place. Sa laki ng kinikita nila, bakit hindi man lang sila makapag-invest sa matinong metal detector? Bakit hindi sila bumili nung katulad sa Ayala Malls. Nung isang beses, nasa Trinoma ako, may pulis na personal bodyguard (ng pulitiko) na pumasok na may nakasuksok na baril sa likod. Pagpasok nya, nag-alarm ng bongga yung detector sa mall entrance, kaya wala syang nagawa kundi isurrender sa guards yung dala nya. Yung mga ganun simpleng bagay, hindi dapat pinagwawalang-bahala, hindi yung isisisi nila sa ibang tao yung kakulangan ng responsibilidad nila. Tsk tsk

    • Anonymous /

      eh pano kung kakabili nga lang sa loob ng mall ung ginamit na martilyo,db??! anong gamit ng detector sa ENTRANCE kung sa LOOB nila napurchase un.. :p

    • Anonymous /

      they said the weapon sa a hammer purchased from ace hardware

  6. Waah I just attended the Event but I go home earlier than I expect this robbery

  7. canaan /

    So, higpit higpitan lang talaga ang security ng mega mall? Malaman ngaun kung gumagana ang mga cctv nila. There’s really no safe place for everyone, just entrust ourselves to GOD who can be our refuge and hiding place.

  8. Anonymous /

    WAHHH!!! I attended the Otaku Expo today!!
    When the host said to stay away from the entrance I got scared T^T I wanted to cry but it was too embarrassing~
    Then they opened it again~
    While we were watching tamako market (To let us calm down)
    Some people who went out came back!!! ><
    I got scared again~~ and they closed the entrance~
    We continued to watch tamako market~~
    Then they let us out ~all of us evacuated~~
    We went to the exit near the parking lot~ We safely got out!!
    It was an intense experience~ First time that happened to me~
    Thank god that no one got hurt!! ^__^

    • sa fire exit?so nasaraduhan ulit kyo after buksan?i thought safe na that time….o_o

      • YandereImouto /

        We went out of the hall when it was safe after the first shootout and I met up with my folks, then when the second shot came we ran into the salon that’s almost in front of the hall for a few minutes.

        My grandmother was with us because she needed to renew her passport. She was pale until it was safe for us to go outside again by exiting through the parking lot building.

    • Anonymous /

      Well~ All of us in the Otaku Expo (Megatrade Hall 1) didn’t know anything that happened~ So everyone doesn’t know the accident.
      We were notified at like 7:45 or maybe 8:00 that an accident happened at the 4th floor (we were at 5th floor)
      They opened it ~and some came back running
      Maybe because that they didn’t know that the accident had already stopped~ they thought the incident hadn’t stopped yet so they came back running confused and looked panicking~
      It was so intense!!! >.<

    • nandun din po kmi

  9. Anonymous /

    got home from the said mall. umattend kame ng expo. luckily were safe. pnadaan kme through the fire exit.

    • Anonymous /

      Cno po ung nkakakilala dun sa luigi and mario(Girl Version)knina, pa link nmn po

  10. Rose Ann /

    Grbe naman pati ba nman mga cosplayers ?? tsskk.. walang kinalaman nman ang event na ito.. kung tlgang maayos ung security nila, di mangyayari ‘to wag nila isisi sa event .. madami ng event ang nangyari, pero di nman nagkaganito, grbeh knina.. nakakatakot ung nangyari

  11. Glesie Santillan /

    i’m lucky because i wasn’t able to attend today because i’m tired from our retreat…thank God

  12. ChunLyrra /

    Hindi naman siguro mapagbibintangan o madadawit mga cosplayers.. dba sbi nga di daw nakacostumes ung culprits? naka white polo daw?

  13. We are attending otaku expo kanina when this happend.We are also locked down.hindi kmi pinalabas sa venue.really scary.sigh…Panu na ang cosplay.

  14. omg!! cgurado baka mhirapan n mga organizer ng COSPLAY n mkahinge ng permission to have a cosplay event sa mga mall!!
    sana dto samen sa BACOLOD!! wag lng mangyari!!
    hoping sa mga kapwa cosplayer ko ! okay lng cla!!

  15. Idiocy /

    If they were really cosplayers…then they’re so stupid. They didnt rven bother thinking about their actions. Now all people from the expo and other cosplayers will get involved! Megamall should just tighten their checking of bags and stuff. Good thing I barely go to that mall -.-

  16. lockedon21 /

    Sa cosplay community ang sisi nyan sure. kasi cosplay pa ginamit para gumawa ng masama. pero ang may pagkukulang nyan talaga ay yung mga nasa security. tingin ala “bossing-savings” lang ginagawa nila sa mga bags.

  17. ou nga hirap nyan , baka napagkamalang props lang yung baril pero kahit na may detector naman eh , :thinks:

  18. Agentlight /

    grabe pati mg cosplayers mada2may sa kga2wan nla…. baka mwala na yung cosplay events sa mgha malls

  19. Agentlight /

    I hope lahat nang pumunta sa Otaku Expo ay ligtas…. madu2ngisan ang Cosplay Community sa kaga2wan nila….


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