Cosplay Mania 2013 Dates Announced

Nov 15, 2012

In a recently-uploaded Cosplay Mania ’12 special of the Cosplay Show, hosts Guy Singzon and Pablo Bairan made the announcement for next year’s Cosplay Mania. And hello dates confirmed: October 5-6, 2013!

According to Guy Singzon:

“Cosplay Mania ’13 promises to raise the bar in cosplay events here in the Philippines once more!”

To which, Pablo Bairan followed up:

“[it] means more international guests, [and] more original contents…”

Further research suggests that Cosplay Mania is booked at SMX Convention Center once again. But hey, it might be subject to change as the 2013 rolls on. No other details have been announced during the show, but we can expect more as the 2nd quarter of 2013 arrives, since this is when TORCH usually rolls out.

Cosplay Mania Youtube Page

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