Date A Live Season 2 Confirmed

Jun 22, 2013


In a twitter update by the light novel writer, Koshi Tachibana, Date A Live is confirmed for a second season.
The series is currently in production. The airing dates of this new season have yet to be revealed.

In conjunction with the twitter update, the final scenes of the last episode also broke the news.




Date A Live is an ongoing Japanese light novel series, currently with 7 volumes in publication. It has spawned an anime series of the same title, and has completed a 12-episode run last June 2013.

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Koshi Tachibana’s Twitter Page
Date A Live official website

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  1. Anonymous /

    Sorry I’m late but when is tge second season coming out

    • Anonymous /

      I have the same exact thought.

    • Anonymous /

      It will be out for the original run next April 2014… I really can’t Wait!they Didn’t really finished it as kurumi said that she wonders what will happens next and the producers haven’t concluded how kotori Got her powers. … so, yeah… hope this was of help

      • deathman128 /

        they didn’t even explain who phantom is either

    • Anonymous /

      It was going to be in 2014 jan 4 but it isn’t now

    • Anonymous /

      what month those is it?

    • Anonymous /

      i agree April 2014, they say it’s during spring

  2. Anonymous /

    Can’t wait for the second season

  3. season 2 /

    season 2 is out in raw

  4. Sezgin /

    Season 2 is only weeks away.
    I seriously can’t wait! :D

  5. i cant wait for season 2 of DATE A LIVE..i really love this anime.

    • Anonymous /

      This anime had my fav. Intro. I wonder what it will be next. Or if they don’t change it

  6. Elohwen /

    I want to see what happens with the girl with the clock eye!

  7. i cant wait for second season I miss Shidou itsuka

  8. Date a live season 2 Aku tidak sabar menunggu Love you Yoshino… :*

  9. EnderCole /

    Can’t wait for season two!!! I want to see Kurumi more :) LOL

  10. pleas season 2 cepat ada

  11. kamikaze /

    i think it will winter 2013 or december. but some people says it will be released at spring 2014 or january 2014

  12. Yosino /

    cant wait season 2 >.< miss tohka :*

  13. Season 2 Cant wait the release

  14. Anonymous /

    Spoiler Alert!
    The person who killed Origami’s parents was Efreet which was controlling Kotori I think. The persons ho gave Kotori spirit powers were phantom.

    • wait are you kidding me or is it just a hunch ?

      • I think you got that from the light novel?… sorry if ever i’m wrong

      • Anonymous /

        you can see it in the footage played by Kannazuki for Shido to see

  15. Date A Live Seeker /

    I already see it at wikipedia. The airing date(date released) is on December 2013 along with volume 9.
    So be patient.

  16. i want to see the next episode

  17. Charles'Edward Charlie'Ed Terces Keeper /

    But How Longer? I can’t wait to hear dates!! I’m not watching the last episodes due to past anime disappointments .

  18. reece /

    Watching se1 now. And I’m loving it. Can’t wait for that season 2 even now! :D

  19. Can’t Wait for season 2!!!

  20. Tsukiko. /

    It’s not surprising that they’re making a season 2, for one, season 1 didn’t really seem like it had a good ending, two, we haven’t learned anything really about kurumi, and three we haven’t seen shido’s powers (assuming he has them, not entirely sure, guess we’ll find out ^u^ ))

    • Steven de Comarmond /

      He has all the powers of the Spirits he has committed too.

  21. Can’t Wait the 2nd season

  22. So can anyone tell me the date of the new release

  23. Shido will fight Tohka? Juz don’t kill her, that’d be very sad ._.

  24. SHIDOU!!!!man he is luky to kiss sprit girls

  25. Ryuuji Drago /

    Can’t wait!

  26. laester /

    when will it be realesed

  27. I can’t wait! :D

  28. I just finished the 12 episodes. Can’t wait for the season 2! :D


  30. I can’t believe there will be season 2 :) i’m sooo excited xD love this Anime :3

  31. DateToLife /

    Can’t Wait the 2nd season

  32. Anonymous /

    i think shidou will save kurumi in thos season :3

    • Jason M /

      No no plans for a season 3(yet)….
      I got inside knowledge producer relinquishing position meaning possibility it S3 migh not come out!!!!! … =( DA DA DAAAAAA.
      Altho there are still hopeds for a season 2 on IS(Infinite stratus)[Coming Oct5]

    • EnderCole /

      HOPE SO! LOL

  33. Zaichiika /

    woah!!!! Shidou is using Thoka’s sword :) cooL

  34. Fariz /

    Is that tohka in the first picture why she look so evil

    • Anonymous /

      because she is controlled by

    • Jason M /

      WEll apparently in the light novel, when she is separated form Shido(she’s kidnapped) her dark and evil side comes out. This is how she would act from “her dimension”. (there only feeling is to kill) After going evil she attacks every thing (including Shido), but is saved when shido re-seals her with a kiss. =p
      Hope this helped!
      If im wrong correct me (Thy)

  35. yuuko /

    well guys….to find out what going to happen next we only need to wait and see for season 2……cant wait for season 2 ^_^

  36. Wolfe /

    I liked it didn’t feel rushed at all, I just hate how we don’t know who the spirit was that kill Origamis’ Parents……

    • Moron /

      have u watch episode 12? the answer was kotori the spirit of flames aka. efreet.

      • Kaede /

        No, Kotori isn’ Efreet, remember? Efreet was someone else.

      • Senhei /

        Kotori became the spirit of fire 5 years ago for unknown reasons, but Shidou sealed the spirit away after the incident.

      • Anonymous /

        Actually, to put all y’all at rest, efreet is now shidou who isn’t efreet. Ha!

  37. . . . I wonder who is he fighting . . ..

    • Anonymous /

      maybe kurumi?

    • he is fighting Yatogami Tōka

    • Jiwoo /

      Don’t mean to spoil it (Skip this if you don’t want to be spoiled)

      He’s fighting Tohka after she loses control when she sees Shido about to be killed by the DEM

      • . I quite don’t get it… he’s using Tohka’s power while fighting Tohka? maybe they’re just fighting together….

    • Antoine29 /

      protecting Miku from Tohka who berserked…and used her demon king…read the LN

  38. Tro Lling /

    Shido holding a sword? Does it mean that there will be a real enemies coming to season2 coz shido cant hurt a spirit.

    Or maybe there will be a male spirit and shido cant take kissing it and decided to turn it to a real spirit.

    • yeah i cant wait shido is so cooooooooooooooooool

    • Michael /

      Dude he is holding tokhas sword and has yoshinos power to control ice.This means that he might be able to use the power of the spirits that he has sealed.How did you even end up wrighting about a male spirit? :P

      • sumguy /

        it is already confirmed that he can get the power of the spirits he has sealed like how he got shot and recovered because of his sister’s power

      • TheCombatCA /

        It would be so surprising that Shido himself is a spirit and it’s his own sword that he’s holding :)

    • Anonymous /

      No In the beginning it said only Female spirits…A male one would not make sense….

      • TheCombatCA /

        Like i said, “It would be “Surprising” if it was” :P and I also watched it enough times to understand ‘some’ of the questions I had.

  39. iMarrina /

    Season 2 will feature Shido’s ability to use the powers of the Spirits that he sealed so it really is Sandalphon. He also gets to use Yoshino’s ice barrier. Efreet’s ability of rapid healing is already shown at season 1.

  40. Anonymous /

    cooooooooooooool .arigato

  41. SmOoCZeG /

    Shido has Tohka’s sword.

  42. My Fav anime has a second season ! WOHOO!

  43. amaterasu /

    i think shido’s holding the sword is from tohka’s sandalphon:)

  44. Shido with sword.. good!!

  45. Seighart /

    I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!… im so excited ;) go go go!

  46. Jimmy /

    I just saw it was cool!! And now there is a season 2!! Aim so happy!

  47. amaterasu /

    im so excited 4 se0son 2!!!!! I hope seas0n 2 will have m0re episode than the season 1,

  48. Kazuto /

    Shido with a sword. Super EXCITED!!

  49. KurumiNightmare /

    Thanks for the news~ OwO

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