Toei and ZAG Animation Presents: “Miraculous Ladybug”

Jun 16, 2012

ZAGToon, a division of the French animation production company Univergroup, is teaming up with Japan’s very own Toei Animation to co-produce France’s very own mahou shoujo series.

Entitled “Miraculous Ladybug” (also variantly titled “Miraculous” or “Ladybug”), the series tells the story of Marinette Cheng, a high school student entrusted with the a pair of magical earrings that give her good luck. The powers have a catch though: she has to use her good luck in an “altruistic manner.” Thus, she decides to become a superheroine and become Ladybug!

The animation, made by Toei, is a modern take reminiscent of past series such as Sailor Moon and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. Method Animation, known for their work on The Little Prince, is also co-producing the series and will be responsible for Ladybug’s CG elements.

The series is slated for 26 episodes, and it has already been pre-purchased for airing by French networks. Ladybug will also be aired on Belgian TV, simultaneous with its French release. ZAGToon also has numerous partnerships in other countries, such as Korea and the US. WIth these partnerships, the animation studio is hoping for an English translation and international release soon.

Ladybug also has a stereoscopic 3D full-length movie in the works, with a budget of $50 million, also produced by the same company.

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  1. dexter /

    I agree. European cartoons are better than anime. Also the SL are superior. European cartoons = the best!

  2. ???? /

    European Cartoons are superior that japanese cartoons

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