Editor’s Note: What’s in a Name?

Jan 30, 2014


In the past few days, we’ve been getting a number of queries from a lot of people regarding Myrtle Sarrosa’s choice of title for her thesis. Apparently, her main title involves the use of our name, but rather stylized as “OtaKultura” (a capitalized K compared to ours in lower case).

The general consensus (for lack of a better word) is basically what action we would take against the use of our name.

Before I start explaining, let’s put this on the table first. “Otakultura” is a registered trademark under the Intellectual Property of the Philippines, with the serial number 42010008882.

Now that’s done, here’s the short answer to everyone’s question: We won’t be doing anything.

We’re pretty much aware that doing a portmanteau of the words “otaku” and “kultura” is an easy thing. We were made well-aware of this when we encountered a lot of groups and clubs bearing the same name originating from South America. And since our country’s language bears similar influences from our Spanish counterparts, the word “culture” is easily translated as the same. Put two and two together, and we get a lot of people catching on to the idea of our name.

I’ve also said this via Twitter too. There are actually four things that can happen after this.
1. Our name shoots up in fame. We get more readers, hooray!
2. Myrtle gets best thesis
3. Both will happen
4. Or neither.
Either way, our name was thought of as a thesis title, and it’s cool (in a sense that we’re fine with it, and in a sense that “wow hey, we’re a thesis title!)

This third thing might be a long shot, but maybe… JUST MAYBE… Myrtle still remembers us as one of the media groups that got to interview her way before she joined Big Brother.

Pictured above is Myrtle and Ayumi Kassinique during UP-AME’s AME Track 10, circa 2009-2010(?);If that’s the case, then we’re really flattered that we made some sort of impact, at least in namesake.

So again, we won’t be doing anything, not against her or her professors approving the thesis. We don’t want any sort of trouble, and we don’t need that kind of petty squabble. Let Myrtle finish her thesis and her studies in peace. If she recognizes us as an influence in coming up with the title, then we gladly take the credit. Otherwise, carry on still.

Good luck to Myrtle on her thesis, and to everyone in her batch as well.


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