Fake Kishimoto Interview Trolls Tobi’s Identity

Aug 29, 2012

There’s an alleged fan interview with Kishimoto from the recently-held “Comiket 78,” with the said author casually revealing who Tobi is behind the mask.

Blog author and Fandom.com member, zell_killer, posted the “interview” last August 24. In the “conversation” with Kishimoto, the author points out that Tobi is apparently Izuna. We’ll not go into details anymore, since the author retracted his previous post and claims that the post was a ruse done in revenge against a friend, who’s apparently a fan of Naruto.
From the event name itself, it’s already an obvious troll post, since the current Comiket is already at its 82nd.

However, the said interview has already sprawled hundreds of reactions from the Fandom.com forums and elsewhere on the internet.
Too late.

This post is meant to inform the readers of the said ruse. Be patient, everyone. Kishimoto will reveal who Tobi is soon enough.


However… if Kishimoto did reveal that Tobi is really Izuna, then would the troll post still be a troll post? Or will it be a trolled troll post? 

The Alleged Interview

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The Retraction Post:

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One comment

  1. I always wanted to read more about tobi.
    Is tobi izuna?
    And then who is madara if he aren’t tobi?

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