Girls und Panzer RC Tanks are coming for your wallets

May 16, 2013


The tanks found in the series “Girls und Panzer” will be getting its own scale model. And it won’t be just for display. These scales model tanks have a tiny engine inside too.

The tanks are RC (radio-controlled) models in a 1/16th scale. It also comes with a tiny tank driver, to add a bit of moe charm to your RC war battles. The first of the RC series is a Panzer IV Ausf. F2, and will feature Nishizumi Miho as your tank driver. Each tank will cost JPY 19,800 or roughly USD 194. Other models will be subsequently released. Details on the date of release to follow soon enough.


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  1. judith /

    Rc toys become more popular day by day as it provide a lot of fun.This is really nice and good looking RC Tank .Is this provide a lot of fun as 1:24 or other tanks and had all great features. I find different from here. But i cannot see this before.Thanks for sharing

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