Alter to re-release Saber Maid Ver. R

Jun 24, 2012

In the recent Megahobby Expo 2012, dated May 26, figure manufacturer Alter Co. Ltd. displayed one of their old favorites and assuring fans that it will get a re-release.

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia’s Saber Maid ver. R will be given another release coming this July 2012. The 1/6 scale Saber Maid, standing at 260mm, was initially distributed last September 2007. Due to high demand, the figure had another resale last February 2008. Given the recent popularity of Fate/Zero, Alter has decided to put up the Saber Maid for distribution again next month.

The July 2012 batch is said to have greener eyes, brighter blonde hair and fairer skin tone compared to the 2007 version.

The figure retains the maid outfit’s sheen and luster, including an impressive wrinkle and body contour detail in the body. The package also includes 2 bases: a clear one and a checkered floor. Mop is, of course, included.

Suggested retail price for the Saber Maid Ver. R is JPY8190 or roughly USD102.


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