Luxurious Gundam Astray with Louis Vitton?!

Jun 18, 2012

Welcome to Gears & Toys For Otakus (GTFO), where we talk about anything and everything toys, figures, scale models, or anything that can be displayed, shelved, boxed, played with… well, you get our drift.

In today’s GTFO, we’d like to surprise you with a nice little paint job done on a Gundam Astray.
Dubbed as “Gundam Astray LV,” the aesthetic modifications were simple: paint the parts in brown and chrome gold, add the trademark LV logo, and flaunt it! Suffice to say, despite the gaudiness of the Louis Vitton brand, the Gundam Astray looks really handsome with that paint job. Even the sword sheaths have the trademark Louis Vitton leather pattern on it.

The Louis Vitton concept was created by Club S, headed by SunyBuny.

For the whole shindig, check out the images below.

Gundamguy’s Blogspot
Club S Blog

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