Guess the Mafia – Win AME 1UP Tickets! (DAY 4 UPDATE)

Feb 14, 2013

Hello everyone! Since UP-AME 1UP is fast approaching, let’s play a game, shall we?
Here’s your chance to win ONE OF TEN UP-AME 1UP TICKETS!!!


The game is simple, the Otakultura staff will play a game of Mafia with each other and all you have to do is:

  • identify at least one of the mafia or killers and explain your reasoning thoroughly.
  • Send your entries via private message through our Facebook Page. Entries posted in the comments will not be counted.
  • On a final note, if a mafia has been outed in the game, any further entries that claim that person as a mafia will be invalidated.

To be eligible, you have to just like our page and stay tuned every 9pm GMT+8 for the daily updates of the game. It’s that simple. (Of course, you gotta be a resident of the Philippines, and attending UP-AME 1UP to get the tickets) The daily updates will be posted on our Facebook page and on this post.

For those unfamiliar with the game, below is a link to how a mafia wiki for everyone to learn the gameplay and mechanics.



DAY FOUR (February 15, 2013)

Chylle here with another update on our UP AME 1UP ticket contest! So the plot thickens with only less than 10 people remaining, have you finally guessed who the remaining mafia are?

Anonybear the townsfolk was seen dead in the middle of Main street and shot eight times.

Chylle: Well I’ll be…, doesn’t that mean that they really got bodyguard janitored?

Shinoda: Chylle, I really AM the bodyguard the heck?!

Chylle: Not believing you, you scum!

Tremingway: Got a no guilty on Pugotuknene

Colocoy: Also the same report.

Mistress (The): Well, that was kind of unexpected

Helrouis: Wow now we’re back to square one for another long debate.

Tremingway: Well, it couldn’t be helped.

Colocoy: Votes for Tremingway.
Tremingway: Votes for Colocoy

Mistress (The): Oi oi! Isn’t that going too fast, shouldn’t we discuss this first?

Colocoy: What’s there to discuss? I knew from day2 that Tremingway was mafia.

Tremingway: For once I agree with you that we should end this here. I have an idea, let’s split the votes evenly and let’s assign one person to unanimously deal the final vote for majority.

YURI: Then who is going to be the final one?

Mistress (The): True, a requirement should be that the person should’ve been cleared of suspicion.

Chylle: I agree, then I vote for Silvie to be the judge.

Shinoda: On what grounds?

Chylle: Think about it, Silv is already cleared since Day1, and deducing the reports from both trackers Silvie is most likely a normal villager.

Colocoy: I’m fine with that.

Pugotuknene: Yup, let’s go with that. Votes for Tremingway.
Shinoda: Votes for Colocoy
YURI: Votes for Colocoy
Chylle: Votes for Tremingway
Mistress (the): Votes for Tremingway
Helrouis: Votes for Colocoy
Colocoy: Okay, let’s end it.
Silvie: Votes for Colocoy

Result Day 4

Colocoy The Tracker has died a horrible bloody death by an angry mob.


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