Level Up! Live Domination – Tourneys and Contests Day 2

Nov 5, 2012

Level Up! Live Domination day 2 isn’t to be shaken off, after an action-packed Day 1. November 4th completed the rest of the tourneys and contests lined up for the largest gaming event in the Philippines. Not only that, a heroes welcome was also organized for Team Philippines, fresh from RWC 2012 in South Korea! Let’s not forget Kamikazee rocking the World Trade Center too!  As an added bonus, Level Up! also announced a new game called ASSAULT FIRE, coming in 2013.

Coming straight from Day 2, here are the latest results coming from our livetweets from @otakultura and @otk_staff, plus liveblogs from Level Up! Live. Results for the Cosplay Competition will come in the next update, once we’ve uploaded the photos from both days.

Perfect World Phoenix Council Wars

Team Fidelis wins 2-1 against Team Froglets in what seemed to be an exchange of losses for both sides. Froglets were able to grab the second round victory in a wipeout of Fidelis. However, the Council War champs maintained composure and was left standing at the end of the third round.


Point Blank National Bakbakan 2 Finals

Team FG.CMStorm  devastated Team SHOCKandAWE, with a score of 10-2, in what seemed to be a fast-paced series of events. Despite taking the win twice, SHOCKandAWE were unable to catch up to the Point Blank winners’ speedy strategy.


Grand Chase Digmaan

[OVK] Barebacks counts up their wins against [KUDOS] Count to Ten in a race to 3. OVK retains their title as champions, with a score of 3-1. Surprisingly, a hidden mechanic was added to the battle: causing FATAL status on all players after reaching a certain time limit. Although the fatal status proved to be advantageous for [KUDOS], [OVK] fights back in the last round for the win.


Cabal Champions of Nevareth

Team Kronos punched the clocks out of TeamBah! in a match-up that ended in sudden death. The matches were just an exchange of wins in a race to 3. After some technical difficulties with network connections, the teams duked it out in sudden death, causing TeamBah! to finally kick the bucket and give the win to Kronos.


Ragnarok Philippine Championships 2012

Legion of Doom gets a landslide victory against Chromosomes, in a score of 4-0. The winning team will automatically be granted a slot in the finalists for RPC 2013.


LevelUp! Fan Art Winners:

Paulo Caballa – Digital Art

Julius Colegado – Papercraft

Nathaniel Robles – Traditional/Scanned Art



Watch out for our play-by-play commentary article on Team Philippines’ battles in RWC 2012, coming soon!



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