LevelUp! Games Reveals Newest Game: Brawl Busters

Sep 3, 2012


UPDATE: Players can now pre-register for Closed Beta Accounts. CLICK HERE

Together with a lot of activities leading up to LevelUp! Live Domination this coming November 3 and 4, the largest Philippine online game publisher revealed the newest game in their portfolio.

Entitled Brawl Busters, LevelUp’s new game is an arena based fighting/beat-’em-up online game. Players get to choose between five different classes: Boxer, Firefighter, Rocker, Slugger, and Blitzer. All the classes encompass a certain MMO character archetype. Players also get to customize their body type, armors, and weapons for both aesthetic and combat purposes. Arenas can hold up to a maximum of 15 to 16 players, and terrains vary among different urban settings. The art style of the game has a comical look and feel, but the seriousness of combat is certainly something not to be taken lightly.

Game Developer SkeinGlobe and game publisher RockHippo has already launched Brawl Busters for closed beta testing last August 11, 2011 and went open beta last November 3rd. RockHippo’s area covers both NA and EU servers, while Brawl Busters PH is the first localized server in Southeast Asia.

No details regarding the Closed Beta Testing and Commercial launch have been released. We can expect additional announcements to come as the road to LevelUp! Live Domination continues.

For now, here are some screenshots and videos taken from the RockHippo (NA) version.



External Links:
Brawl Busters NA site
Brawl Busters PH Official Facebook Page


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  1. hindi ako ma ka register tolong mo ko gosto ko na laro



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