Meet and Greet Guidelines for No Leaf Clover at Cosplay Camp 2

Jul 3, 2013

For the first time in Oh-No Manga history, the yearly Cosplay Camp event will be featuring a Japanese band. For this year’s Cosplay Camp 2, it will be the up and coming J-rock band NO LEAF CLOVER. Led by the well-known Vocaloid producer, Hayashi Kei, No Leaf Clover is a 4-man group with 4 albums already released. Their lineup of songs feature original compositions and Vocaloid song covers, mainly those produced by KEI himself.

On July 7, 2013, No Leaf Clover will complete the night of Cosplay Camp 2 with their amazing lineup of songs, with opening acts by 5 of our best local J-music cover bands.
But before everyone gets to watch their live performance, fans of No Leaf Clover will have a chance to meet them in person!

Here are our meet and greet guidelines for No Leaf Clover (REVISED AS OF JULY 4, 2013):

  • Lines for the meet and greet will start at 1:30pm and will commence at 2:00pm
  • The meet and greet will happen at the VocaFusion booth just near the Indie Alley
  • Only the attendees purchasing official NO LEAF CLOVER merchandise will be given access to the meet and greet line
  • Meet and Greet participants will be stamped and marked upon showing proof of purchase (for security purposes)
  • Participants are strongly advised to follow the instructions of the marshals on-site to ensure smooth traffic.
  • REVISED: An official photographer will take individual or group photos of the participants together with the band. One photo per person/group only. The photos will be uploaded to a Flickr account for easy download of high-res shots. Shots taken from personal cameras will not be allowed, as this will take up more time and worsen foot traffic.
  • Participants are allowed to have only ONE ITEM signed by the band. What this item is will be the participant’s discretion
  • Please exit the VocaFusion booth immediately after having the items signed and the photos taken. Let’s not clog up the traffic please and thank you!
  • The decisions of the marshals on-site regarding the meet and greet guidelines will be final
  • Meet and greet will end at 3:30pm.


A few tips to remember:

  • If you plan to buy No Leaf Clover merchandise, please do so before the meet and greet.
  • Have your arm stamped by a VocaFusion representative, for you to gain access to the meet and greet later on.
  • Plus, be early to line up! The meet and greet timeslot is limited to just 2-3:30pm!


Lastly, everyone is invited to watch NO LEAF CLOVER’s performance in the afternoon. Your 150-Peso ticket is an all-access pass to both the exhibitors area and the stage area! So try to make the most of Cosplay Camp 2!

See you there!!



Oh-No Manga Facebook Page
NO LEAF CLOVER official website

-PS: Guest management and relations brought to you by Otakultura and Team VocaFusion-

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