Otakultura Gets Co-Presenter Status at AME 1UP!

Feb 11, 2013

UP-AME’s yearly fair is fast approaching. And this time, the UP Diliman school organization takes on the world of videogaming as this year’s theme! Dubbed “AME 1UP!,” UP-AME’s fair is set for February 23, 2013 at the World Trade Center Hall D (exhibition tent).

We’d like to thank UP-AME for selecting us as one of their official media partners, and one of their co-presenters for this event!
Ever since AME Monogatari, Otakultura has been supporting UP-AME in their yearly fairs, and has made it a point to be one of our go-to events for the year. And for this year, we’ll try our best to pull out all the stops!

The Otakultura booth will be located at Booth B32. It’s at the west row of booths at the center aisle, 2nd booth nearest the stage.


So what do we have in store for everyone?

In our booth, we’ll be having our very first OTAKULTURA STREETPASS MEET!



We’re inviting anyone and everyone with a Nintendo 3DS to drop by at UP-AME’s 1UP event for a short Streetpass meet! Get to meet your friends, new Mii characters for your Plaza, game profile cards (like for Theatrhythm’s Proficard collection), and even hold your own impromptu coop or PvP games! Just come in any time during the 1UP event, pass by our booth at B32 (see map above), and roam around to meet your other Streetpass friends!

Here’s a bonus!
Nintendo DS and 3DS gamers playing Pokemon Black and White or Black 2 and White 2, just pass by our booth (B32) and get a free starter Pokemon of your choice!
** Please limit 1 Pokemon per console. Starter Pokemon are from Generations 1 to 5.

adopt copy

We’ll also be cooking up more event activities for everyone! Just stay tuned!


Check out the UP-AME 1UP Official site!
1UP Facebook Page
1UP Event Page

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