Persona 4 Arena getting Manga

Jul 25, 2012

The official Kouhou blogsite of Atlus’s bread-and-butter franchise, Persona, revealed a spin-off manga based on the Persona 4 fighting game. The manga will be illustrated by AIYAH-BALL, who also worked on Code Age, and Antimagia.

The Persona 4: Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena manga’s first issue will appear on issue #10 of the Persona Magazine this coming August 7th. According to the Kouhou post, the P4U manga will have a different story, filled with action-packed scenes similar to the fighting game itself.

Persona 4: Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena will be available for the Playstation 3 and XBox 360. JP release is set on July 26th, while NA release is on August 7th. P4U is the series’ spin-off 2D fighting game with characters from both Persona 3 and Persona 4 games. Persona 4: The Golden, its main game, was released just last June for the Playstation Vita. Persona 4 anime ended last March 2012. A film based on the anime series, Persona 4 -The Factor of Hope-, premiered last June.


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