Spoiler Alert: Naruto 599 Finally Reveals Tobi’s Identity

Aug 29, 2012

After mercilessly dragging the revelation of Tobi’s identity in the Naruto manga, Kishimoto has finally succumbed to showing the main antagonist’s face.


Tobi is Obito. Everyone reading the manga or watching the anime series has pretty much called it ever since the masked man’s name grabbed attention. Would you have expected anyone else?

This also completely debunks the troll post made by a blogger from Fandom.com that we pointed out previously.


The Mistress has lost a bet against Chylle, Colocoy, Anonybear, and Kasin, after betting on the Ramen Guy Takeuchi as the man behind the Tobi mask. Everyone else had their money on Obito, while silently cursing Kishimoto for dragging the story for so long now. The group has begun a new bet on what chapter Naruto will end. 


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