Swimming Anime, FREE!, Confirmed. Fangirls Rejoice

Apr 26, 2013


Ladies rejoice.
In a recent NND livestream, Kyoto Animation (KyoAni) revealed their next anime project to be an all-boys swimming club anime called FREE!
You heard it right. Instead of another moeblob anime, FREE! will feature ikemen characters with ikemen voice actors sure to make the fangirls and inner yaoi in everyone squeal.

The demo reel of FREE! was shown a few months ago, back when the project was still in pre-production.
Animation Do will co-produce the anime series with KyoAni, and Hiroko Utsumi will be directing. Utsumi’s past work includes directing episodes for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, K-ON! seasons 1 and 2, Hyouka, Chuunibyo, and Lucky Star.

The voice acting cast includes:

Nobunaga Shimazaki as Nanase Haruka
Suzuki Tatsuhisa as Tachibana Makoto
Yonaga Tsubasa as Hazuki Nagisa
Hirakawa Daisuke as Ryuugazaki Rei
Miyano Mamoru as Matsuoka Rin

FREE! will begin in July, as part of the summer season’s anime lineup.

A PV has also been released in conjunction with the announcement.

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  1. Melonyable /

    is there a manga to this anime?

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