SDCC News: Warcraft Movie Props and Teaser Trailer…Logo?

The Warcraft Film booth at San Diego Comic-Con showcased the props to be used in the film, a couple of Alliance weaponry and the legendary Doomhammer. Check them out below! Also, during the Warcraft panel, a teaser trailer was released exclusively for the SDCC attendees. Publicly, this 10-second teaser was instead shown. Yep, it’s […]

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Warcraft Film Coming in 2016

Director Duncan Jones tweeted an update on May 1, 2014 about the Warcraft live-action film. Officially three weeks from the said tweet, filming for silverscreen adaptation will come to an end. May 23, 2014 will mark Warcraft’s entry into post-production. For those counting down with me, we're done shooting Warcraft in 3 weeks as of […]

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Mighty is the wind, but you can still break it. Meditate on this. — Mists of Pandaria Beta Playthrough

In 2004, the battle between the Alliance and Horde continued to rage on after the Third War. 2007, uneasy truces were made and allegiances were set aside to defeat a common foe. 2008: The Scourge made its comeback, with its leader preparing for an all-out assault from Northrend. Then, two years ago, the world of […]

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Diablo III Open Beta: “I Sense a Soul in Search of Answers”

Hello my friend; stay awhile, and listen!

I see you’ve been enticed by the picture above, yes? Is your mouse finger itching for some much-needed clicking? Is your heart racing in intense anticipation from what lurks from the darkness? Alas, I cannot sate your burning desire, but I can only give you a glimpse of what’s to come.

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