Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary: Lightning Saga Announcements

As previously reported, one of the main highlights of Final Fantasy’s 25th Anniversary Event was the announcement for Final Fantasy XIII’s latest and final installment. Instead of a gameplay demo and a trailer to show the fans, Square Enix presented the upcoming game in a series of keynote speeches from 4 of the main guys […]

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Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 Dual Pack Coming!

Together with the slew of Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary releases, Sony Computer Entertainment Taiwan (SCET) will be releasing a dual pack of the 13th installment of the eponymous game franchise. The Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 Dual Pack will contain both XIII games for the Playstation 3. Both games, in its Ultimate Hits Collection version, will have […]

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“A Storm Gathers” – Final Fantasy XIII’s Next Step

Square Enix recently posted a teaser on their website regarding the next chapter in the Final Fantasy XIII saga.   The announcement for the Final Fantasy XIII saga will be revealed this coming September 1 in Shibuya, Tokyo, in an event celebrating 25 Years of Final Fantasy. Along with the event, an exhibit will also […]

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Playkultur News: Today in Final Fantasy

A sequel to XIII, Versus XIII’s good news (for Playstation fans), Agito XIII shockers, Kingdom Hearts 3D’s newest title, and Duodecim Dissidia — all in one post!

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Square Enix’s New Stuff

Here’s a lineup of Square Enix news for everyone. But let me spoil you now: No, there’s still no news about Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Agito XIII. At least, not yet. But, there’s still a handful of neat stuff. Glad to know the guys at SquEnix are getting busier and busier.

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