The Team of Otakultura

The Team Behind Otakultura:

The Mistress : Currently one of the editors-in-chief for Otakultura; he is one-half of the founders of the site last 2009. His forte is about tokusatsu, gaming and a bit on anime. Apart from Otakultura, The Mistress is also a writer for Playground magazine,, and

Chylle: Otakultura’s resident photographer, and is very informed when it comes to the latest otaku related news. He serves as co-editor-in-chief, as well as the other half of the founders for Otakultura.

Helrouis: Also known as Cziel, he serves as the web administrator, coder and designer of the website . Helrouis is an artist, and a professional in both fields of web & game development.

Anonybear: One of the resident DJs of Otakultura’s podcast, Radiotaku. Anonybear’s forte is on online and console gaming. He’s an awesome bass player, and martial artist too.

Colocoy: Otakultura’s resident artist. He conceptualized the Otakusatsu and Andoy Benefits mascots, and also visualized the baby blue and hot pink color scheme for the site logo. Colocoy is also a dedicated Grand Chase player.

Pandasal: Another resident DJ of Radiotaku, Pandasal serves as the court jester of the team. Despite his rampant jokes, Pandasal is a skilled host in front of a mic or a camera.

Shinoda: The team’s bouncer and public relations officer; Shinoda also serves as one of the hosts for Otakultura’s video stream show, Videotaku.

Tremingway: Secretly known as Gonna-P, he’s Otakultura’s very own audio engineer. He composed Otakultura’s theme song, entitled S☆T☆A☆R PASSION.

Kai: Another fellow gamer, Kai’s forte are all about games coming from Ubisoft and Blizzard. If you see posts from Assassin’s Creed or World of Warcraft, it probably came from him.

Kasin: A deliberately-misspelled alternative to “cousin,” Kasin is obviously the loving cousin of the group. He plays online games together with Colocoy, Anonybear, Chylle, and The Mistress.

Eyjaynizel: Another resident gamer, he’s got a keen eye for news about Ragnarok Online, and the tokusatsu genres.

Prawnt: Otakultura’s adopted uke, Prawnt has quite a knack for food-related articles, thus earning his own segment, TRIAL (The Rice Is A Lie).

Ruby Knight: Although currently in indefinite hiatus, Ruby Knight became a member of the team because of his strong opinions towards the cosplay culture.

Zychez: Owner of My Little Prince shop, Zychez is the team’s fabulous cosplayer and events informant.

Curiouzkatt: Hailing all the way from the mountains up north, she’s our Baguio correspondent for all otaku-related events. She’s also our daily supplier of Strawberry Taho.

Silvie: She’s the resident shounen manga/anime insider (like the Katekyo Hitman Reborn and D.Gray Man series), and also a dedicated Nintendo gamer.

Yuri-chan: Our newest member of the team, Yuri is the moe muse, substitute Radiotaku DJ, and seiyuu for Videotaku. She also sings cover songs on Youtube, and is a member of the band Error505 and Natsuyasumi.

Pugotuknene & BoyMasskara: Chylle’s back-up photographers for major events with multiple dates. These two are, apart from photography experts, also geeks in audiophile gears.