UP-AME goes folklore with AME Monogatari!

Nov 11, 2011

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One of the pioneering special interests organizations duly recognized by University of the Philippines – Diliman, the UP Anime Manga Enthusiasts, is on their 11th year! For more than a decade, the organization has been dedicated in getting together a tight-knit community of anime and manga enthusiasts. And for the past seven years, the culmination of their yearly activities take the form of a large anime convention.

From ‘Una kAME!’, ‘kAME Ulit!’, ‘AME Matsuri’, ‘AME Gakuensai’, ‘AME 8th Ave’, ‘AME no JIDAI’, and ‘AME Track 10’, UP-AME proudly presents AME Monogatari! Literally translated as “The Tale of AME,” this year’s theme involves Japanese myths and folklores, from the tengu, to the kappa, to the yuki-onna, up to the Amaterasu and Susano’o.

From the Press Release
“In Japanese folklore, there is the presence of story categorization such as: the mukashibarashi, namidabanashi, obakebanashi, ongaeshibanashi, tonchibanashi, waraibanashi, and yokubarinasubanashi. But all of them are stories — Monogatari.
As Japanese folklore and mythology focus more on the stories of spirits, deamons, elementals, and the like; AME Monogatari: Continuing the Saga focuses on the celebration of the eleven years of UP-AME’s existence as the fair tells the story of the quest of AME members across the years as it is reflected in the magnanimity and the sheer magnitude of the fair.
But as most folklore ends with a ‘the end’, the story of AME and the quest of its members to strive in order to impact the anime and manga community does not end with the closing of the fair gates. The adventures of the members of the University of the Philippines Anime Manga Enthusiasts will continue until there is a soul upon the earth who not only shares the same interest but also share the same goals of gathering people together in order to create a community where the sharing of information and ideas is a way of life.”

This year’s AME Monogatari will feature unique areas and booths, such as the Spirit Cafe, where the traditional yokai will be pleased to serve you. A replica of a Japanese Temple, complete with shrine and a site for “prayer” will also be open to all convention-goers as a photo area. The “Omikuji” booth, or fortune-telling booth, and the AME Love Shrine are also available to predict your future and your romantic destiny. The Setsubun Ring Toss (Ogre-Banishing Ring Toss) gives the classic game a folklore twist! Popular booths from past AME conventions are also making a comeback at Monogatari: Sumo Booth, and the Darts booth. And, if you’re craving some Japanese treats, AME Monogatari will also have food booths selling onigiri, mochi and dango, served with a nice cup of mint tea!

If those booths don’t fill your portion of the convention, there will be at least a hundred sponsors and exhibitors lined up in the venue that may suit your interests!

What else is in store for us at AME Monogatari?
Dykromatic, Asian Chicken Fest, Sagashimono, and Yui for President will be performing 3 songs each on-stage!
A Judo and Kendo demonstration will also be featured in the morning. The traditional karaoke contest will be held before the Individual and Group Cosplay competition starts. Also, don’t forget to check out the AME Monogatari Folklore Exhibit near the entrance!

If you’re looking for a challenge, drop by the Otakultura booth from 11:00am to 1:30pm to register for the Amazing Race! Big prizes are in store for you! Details and pre-registration forms here: CLICK HERE!

See you all there!

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