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Aug 31, 2013

Log in screenHi. Once again this is your friendly black and white bear, also very tasty in the morning Pandasal. As promised,I will be giving you my first Panda-Review of the game Warframe. For those who missed the insanely short preview article I made, Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter game brought you by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows and The Playstation 4.

Let’s start off with the game’s story. The game is set up in a futuristic era where you control a member of an ancient race called the Tenno, who is supposedly a master of wielding both guns and blades.TrainingYou are caught in a war between the Grineer, which appears to be like a horrifying result of a cyborg. According to the game, they are a decaying race of humans that seems to hate Tenno so much, they want to drive them to extinction. The other is called the Corpus.  A human civilization of greedy merchants who excels in technological weaponry to advance their economy.

To be honest, that’s all the game will tell you when it comes to the storyline. After the 40 second introduction after you “awaken” you are pretty much taken into a hands-on tutorial on how to navigate your Tenno avatar. After the 5 minute tutorial, you will be choosing one of the three avatars namely: Excalibur, Mag and Loki. Each avatar has unique skills and abilities depending on your play style. After that, it’s on to the main menu, which looks something like this.Chicken 2Later on after that, you will go on various missions on each planet of the solar system without getting any hints if you’re mission will progress you further into the game’s story. Your missions include spying, raids, rescue, assassinations and sabotaging enemy equipment. But that’s about it. No hints and quests about the character’s story.

The graphics however, are quite cool in my opinion. Cool 3D environments and special effects. For a free third-person shooter game, they made pretty awesome work with the graphics.  I mean check out this nice view of the landing pod and the surrounding mountains. Picture 2

But that’s not all, the game is also pretty graphic when you kill your opponents, watch your enemies’ head fly off-screen, or explode into tiny pieces.. You can even watch them get burned alive if it desires your sadistic ways. Which I personally, look for in such games. *cough*

When it comes to gameplay, personally I enjoyed it.. But let’s give one of our fellow Otakultura brother here Tremingway, who basically was the first in our team to experience the game himself to share some thoughts about the game play. According to him “Warframe is a great feel-good game but sometimes you have to pick your fights. Especially when trying to achieve mission objectives. The game is ultimately about grinding for items, resources or warframes you want.

I have the privilege of playing with a very good clan even though I don’t really have friends who play this game, and I must say, this game is not that fun solo without friends or without a good clan. A full 4-man party will make sure things are as easy as pressing a button and standing still for all of you.

It appeals to collectors and minmaxers a lot, and even though I’ve relatively cut down my playing time I still wait for the occasional good alert to grab a great item. It makes me feel good. Of course, if you miss an alert it can make you feel bad, too, but that’s OCD for you.”

I couldn’t agree more. The lack of storytelling in the game makes it a proper feel-good game especially for fans of FPS games who just wants to shoot some heads. Just log in, play with friends or go solo and raise hell against your enemies while drinking a nice warm coffee on the side. You don’t have to follow over-exaggerated quests that consumes the entirety of your time looking for items that basically has no use except for the quest.

The game also offers a wide array of weaponry ranging from sharp blades and battle axes to a whole new set of rifles, pistols and even a futuristic set of bows and arrows. You can also pick up the materials in order to craft them. And yes, you can craft weapons in Warframe other than buying them in the online store like most online FPS games.

Like what Tremingway said, the game focuses on cooperative gameplay. So you’ll enjoy it most when playing with a full party to achieve various mission objectives. I experienced it first-hand myself and it really brings out the best in the game, especially when you’re surrounded by mobs of these hideous-looking creatures.InfectedThe controls are smooth as well. You can easily mix up long-range firing with melee carnage depending on the situation. Although, a few more tutorials regarding maneuvering would’ve been helpful. I didn’t realize that wall-running was possible until someone was very thoughtful enough to teach me while on a mission. The same goes for navigating the main menu, a few onset tips could have saved me some time trying to figure out where to customize my avatar and buy new equipment.

Overall, this is a nice free-to-play game that caters to FPS fans out there that wants to experience a little bit of that futuristic ninja-feel and for those who want to see some exploding alien bloodshed. I am giving this a cool panda-rate of 3 out of 5 pinky swirls. 3star-Rating

So, there you have it. The intensely-long review of the game Warframe. Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did while writing this whole thing. Oh and if you want to download the game just sign up at http://www.warframe.com. Once again, this is your friendly black and white bear also very tasty in the morning Pandasal, and you have just been Otakultured.

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