Way Back Cosplay Mania 12: Chatting with All Nippon Airways

Nov 9, 2012

So way back during Cosplay Mania 2012′s second day, we went around the booths to chat with the exhibitors. Shinoda, dressed up in his Sanosuke cosplay, approached the All Nippon Airways booth, and had a fun time talking to them!

So here’s what you need to know:
All Nippon Airways has flights from Manila to Japan DAILY! And so far, they’re the go-to airline for domestic flights in Japan too! Furthermore, All Nippon Airways was responsible for safely flying our idols Uchusentai NOIZ last Best of Anime, and also KANAME and Reika last Cosplay Mania 12. Safe, quick, hassle-free flights to Japan, anyone?

Interested in All Nippon Airways?
Visit their website at:

or like their Facebook page at:

ANA is stationed at NAIA Terminal 3. Ticket prices, schedules, and bookings can be done through their website.

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