WCS PH Targets Hero Face Off 2013 for Initial Implementation and other tidbits

Mar 30, 2013



Anime Alliance Philippines opened up a publicly-viewable Google Hangout just today, March 30, 2013 (GMT+8). Representatives from the project team of World Cosplay Summit Philippines openly discussed about their initial plans for WCS PH competitions beginning this year.

It’s a long and hefty conversation, which is embedded in the Youtube video above. But in a nutshell, here’s the gist of the whole conversation:

  • WCS PH plans to initially implement the competition stage in the upcoming Hero Face Off 2013. No definite date has been set, but the said target is before August.
  • Best of Anime has also pledged their support for WCS PH, which is somewhat of an indirect confirmation that we can expect WCSPH-handled cosplay competition come this September.
  • This year’s competition for WCS PH will be a tad lenient, being still in the “testing stage,” trying out the drafted rules and regulations for the contestants.
  • However, the rules are assuredly stricter than the usual cosplay competitions Filipino cosplayers have been accustomed to.
  • WCS PH rules and regulations include a dedicated cosplayers area, where access from other people is severely limited. Registered cosplayers entering the cosplayers area will be encouraged or prohibited to leave the dedicated area, as a security measure regarding unwarranted costume changes, or untoward damages to it prior to the competition stage. Media and other people are also only given a limited time in the area before having to leave the area. The dedicated cosplayers area will be large enough to allow cosplayers to practice their skits or prepare for their props. There will be included amenities around the cosplayers area, such as food booths.
  • Cosplayers are required to fully complete a documentation form detailing the team’s costume, source of the costume, and any other information that explains how the costume was made, and its basis.
  • A set of rules and regulations on the competition and registration process are being drafted as of this posting.
  • Alodia Gosiengfiao has willingly backed out of the WCS PH competition (and representing the Philippines), to give chance to new blood. But as confirmed, she has been confirmed to help the staff in formulating WCS PH.


The rules have also been discussed openly, however there are still questionable areas requiring clarification. Some of the rules revealed in the discussion are:

  • Contestants must be a duly-registered citizen of the Philippines, must have an active passport before June 20 and must not reach the 6-month impending expiration prior to the international competition. 
  • If contestant is an immigrant or alien in the Philippines, they must show proof of permanent residence in the Philippines. Aliens are also not allowed to compete twice in a WCS competition in the same year, representing different countries.
  • Contestants must be in pairs.
  • The set stage time for pairs is 2 minutes and 30 seconds, plus an additional 60 seconds for props preparation.
  • Props must not exceed 40 kilos, and must be in a maximum of 4 pieces. Large set decorations must be a max of 10 kilograms, 2100cm high, and only up to 3 pieces only.
  • Copyrighted content in audiovisual material for the skits are not allowed. Everything must be pre-recorded. No stage mic will be provided in the skit as well.
  • Anime Alliance reserves the right to weigh in the cosplayers’ props to confirm that the costumes are up to regulation standards.
  • No stage hands (kuroko)  are allowed on stage. Stage helpers are allowed backstage, however, and must be indicated in the registration form.
  • Costumes must be hand-made and not pre-fabricated. Commissioned costumes are discouraged. The cosplayer must have a hand in the creation process of their costume
  • “Professionals in the fashion industry” are not allowed to participate. (This is still a vague rule, and is still subject for discussion and clarification)
  • Fashion models are not allowed to participate (confirmed).


The rest of the discussion is recorded on their Google Hangout recording for everyone’s review. Additionally, the team has confirmed that the open discussions will continue as WCS PH moves further in their planning stages.

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