What’s in Store @ UP-AME 1UP?! (UPDATE: Floor Plan & Program Flow)

Feb 12, 2013


It’s that time of the year again! The University of the Philippines – Anime Manga Enthusiasts is once again holding their yearly fair! Oh sure, they skipped 2012. It should’ve been held around November or December just like the previous years. The fair isn’t on the chopping block, no sir! They just moved it to February 2013. Does it feel like they skipped a year? Sort of. Does it really matter? Nope! As long as UP-AME keeps on doing their traditional fair, we won’t mind the extra wait, right?

We’re all honestly excited, because of this year’s theme. UP-AME will be having a game-themed fair for 2013! Dubbed UP-AME 1UP, the org is prepping up different game-related activities for all the attendees! AME 1UP will be held at the World Trade Center Hall D (exhibition tent) once again, and is slated for February 23, 2013!

Quoted from the official 1UP site:


This school year 2012-2013, UP AME is bringing to anime, manga, and now gaming fans of all ages – UP AME 1UP! This much awaited and much anticipated AME fair will be held on February 23, 2013 at the Hall D of the World Trade Center in Pasay.

This next game-themed AME fair will be bigger and better, with more action-packed activities, thrilling game tournaments and a rocking pre-fair event. Accompanied by our usual AME fair highlights – merchandise booths, themed cafe, cosplay event, fanfic and fanart contests, workshops, AME fair con-goers can also expect more raffle giveaways, freebies, and contest prizes.

So mark your calendars and get ready for the first anime con for 2013 – UP AME 1UP!!

We’ve got ourselves a floor plan of the whole event! Remember to drop by the Otakultura booth at B32 and get your free starter Pokemon if you’re packing a Nintendo DS/3DS with Pokemon B/W or B/W2 game!









UP-AME has the traditional booths for everyone, but of course, with an added gaming flair.
(As lifted from the official site)

CAFE: Greetings, Adventurer! Are you tired from your battles? Do you need to regain your strength? Enter the mysterious tavern to replenish your mana, HP, and stamina with delectable potions. Gather information from its workers while eating stat-boosting delicacies, yum!

FORTUNE: Find your luck in the games you play by visiting the Omikuji Shrine. Or if you have unanswered questions in the course of your life’s quest, seek the words of the card readers beneath the shadows. And maybe, a wish on an Ema board might help you contact the deities.

DARTS: A hero prophesied to end the dark age–will that hero be you? Arm yourself with darts, take aim, and eliminate the monsters that terrorize the land!

RING TOSS: The three treasure chests of Regen have been found! Claim the enchanted rings and take your chance at capturing the keys to unlock the blessing of the Rain Goddess. Will her favor smile upon you?

FISHING: Animal lover? Or simply looking for a challenge? Either way, you might want to test your skills and take home some of our beloved aquatic pets. Collect and trade them in for rare catches such as water snakes, newts, and many more! Based on the traditional Japanese Goldfish Scooping Game, this booth should definitely be on your must-try-list!

SUMO: Do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? AME 1UP’s Sumo Booth is your arena! Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter! Challenge your friend to a battle of strength, endurance, and technique, and come out on top!

MERCHANDISE: Need an item? Your fashion woefully sub-par? Drop by UP AME’s merchandise booth and get the latest designs and products for AME1UP! Bring home keychains, pins and much more!


Completing the circle of activities include a Cosplay Competition, a Fan Art contest, a Fanfiction writing contest, and a Karaoke Contest.

You can view the cosplay competition guidelines here: PDF LINK. Online registration is also now available for cosplay entrants. Register HERE.

The gallery of submissions for the Fan Art contest and Fanfiction contest are already up on UP-AME’s DeviantArt page. Online voting of entries will end on February 16, 2013. You may cast your vote for the Fanart contest HERE, and Fanfiction contest HERE.

Mechanics for the Karaoke contest can be found HERE. Online registration is now available for karaoke contestants. On-site / walk-in registration is also available, but does not guarantee a comprehensive song selection compared to the online registration.


For more updates, keep it locked in here at Otakultura!

You may also visit the official UP-AME 1UP website at Fair.UP-AME.org
Like AME 1UP’s Facebook page too! and Don’t forget to RSVP on their event page!


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